Webinar: The AF Journey

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OSIsoft’s Asset Framework (AF) is an essential tool in the PI System suite that structures and contextualizes operational data. With data in context, enterprises can create digital twins of assets, sites, and even enterprise operations. There are various stages in the AF journey and success depends on knowing where you are currently and where you should invest to mature your digital twin for more advanced analytics.

This live webinar will cover the various stages of AF maturity and how customers have achieved business value by deploying AF at scale.  We will then demonstrate how Element's AF Accelerator can help you deploy faster and at greater skill for tangible results in less than 60 days.  

What we will cover in our webinar:

  • Digital Transformation & the AF Journey
  • OSIsoft and Element Partnership
  • The Customer Journey with AF
  • A Paradigm Shift in AF Deployment
  • Demo: Element AssetHub
  • Q&A
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