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Create a 360-degree View of Every Asset: An Introduction to Element AssetHub

Data is the fuel driving innovation in today’s enterprises. Yet asset-intensive industries face fundamental challenges in converting their asset data into insights. Data is frequently siloed, difficult to understand, challenging to manipulate, and lacks meaningful context.

This live webinar will demonstrate how, by using Element’s AssetHub™, you can eliminate these challenges by building a 360-degree view of your data using Asset Twins (dynamic digital representations of physical assets).

What we will cover in our 30 min webinar:

  • Why a 360-Degree view removes information gaps and enables multiple use cases

  • Learn how to standardize models in days vs months

  • In Action: How Element’s AssetHub builds and maintains Asset Twins for different stakeholders and applications including Microsoft PowerBI and OSIsoft PI Vision

  • Why Fortune 100 Companies use Element to drive efficiencies and value

  • Practical next steps we’ve discovered working with clients at every stage of their journey

  • Live Q&A

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