Lessons Learned Using OSIsoft PI AF and Element AssetHub at BP

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Element hosted a private session during OSIsoft PI World 2019 in San Francisco as a follow-up to BP's general session presentation led by Steve Beamer, VP of Continuous Improvement, Transformation and System.

Andy Bane, CEO of Element, leads an informal conversation with Steve Beamer, to discuss some of the roadblocks to transformation and how BP has leapfrogged ahead of its peers. 

We invite you to view the recording of this intimate session to understand exactly how BP was able to leverage software to build AFs at scale and with trust.

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We’re also working to try and deliver faster, so we’re using one of OSIsoft's partners – Element.

Sammie Ross Real Time Data SPA, BP

What is really attractive about Element is you can experiment ... There is no one single, perfect AF model. With Element you can quickly build multiple models and hierarchies based on your needs

Steve KwanAF Product Manager, OSIsoft

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