Element for Asset Performance Management

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Create a 360-Degree View of Every Asset to Enable your APM Solution

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Element has worked with clients to help integrate and contextualize their data for various leading Asset Performance Management solutions including GE Predix and Uptake's APM.

In this case study, an Oil and Gas super major was struggling to bring process data into GE Predix's APM solution in a usable and trustworthy manner, slowing the APM deployment.

Element was able to help get operations data from the OSIsoft PI System, combined with contextual data from other sources like SAP and spreadsheets, and into the APM solution in a faster, scalable, and more reliable manner.  By taking a model-first approach, they were able to shift from manual efforts requiring 30 person-months to model data in spreadsheets to 1 person-month per asset using Element AssetHub.


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